Basic Manners


Living with Humans Private coaching

This training plan is personalized to your goals, household, and lifestyle. I’ll coach you each step of the way, teaching you tips for working smarter not harder, ensuring learning is fun and easy to implement for you and your dog!

This four week program is for all dogs five months and up and will cover the following: Attention, Impulse Control, Learning how to Settle, Polite Greetings, Sit, Down, Recall, Stay, Loose leash walking.

Depending on your preference we can work together in person at our training studio in Wailuku or via live online video conferencing.

Includes 4 coaching sessions + 2 follow-ups

90-minute Initial Consultation fee: $150

This is the first step to all private training programs—where I assess your dog, understand your goals, and design your training plan.

4-week Foundation Skills Private Coaching program: $450

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“Before training it was hard to get my dogs’ attention, hard to get them to focus, and hard to decrease reactivity during walks. Now my dogs are engaging in training and enjoy it. I learned techniques on how to distract them in overwhelming situations and even techniques on how to avoid these situations entirely.”
Julianna D