Doggie Language: A Dog Lover’s Guide to Understanding Your Best Friend

C.E.T Chews:
Chewing is important for a dog’s wellbeing and can alleviate the need to chew furniture and other non-dog approved items.

Kong: Busy work for dogs! Perfect for in their crate, or when you need your dog to settle such as when visitors come over.

Kong Wobbler: Slow feeder and nose work combined. The Kong Wobbler is a quick and easy way to deliver your dog’s daily kibble in a mentally stimulating (aka tiring) way.

Snuffle Mat:
Slow feeder and nose work combined. Focusing on our dog’s primary sense- their sense of smell, snuffle mats are a wonderful way to bring mentally stimulating nose work into your dog’s daily meals.


Licky Mat:
Boredom and Anxiety Reducer.

Food Puzzle

Food Puzzles:
Fun bonding games to do with your dog to keep them mentally happy while strengthening their cognitive skills. And as your dog progresses you can move up to higher levels of difficulty.

Thunder Jacket: 
Calming aid for anxious dogs.


Calming aid for anxious dogs.

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