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We Are Here To Build Positive Human-Dog Relationships

Our mission is to help dog parents embrace dogness while learning how to communicate with their furry (sometimes stinky, sometimes slobbery) best friend!!

Using the latest science based positive training techniques I can teach you how to communicate with your dog so you can become their teacher, instilling valuable life skills in fun and easy to implement sessions that will benefit you both.
Supporting Human-Dog Relationships

What can we help you with?

Puppy Training:

The Chewy End of the Leash

Chewing, biting, house-soiling- oh my! Are you looking for some immediate relief? Are your dreams of a laid back, well adjusted dog being chased away by razor sharp teeth on pogo-sticks? Don’t give up, we’re here to help make those dreams a reality!

Life Skills:

Just adopted a dog and want to teach him how to live harmoniously in his new home? Do you need to tune up those pesky behaviors that won’t go away? Or do you just want to communicate better with your best friend and strengthen your bond? Whatever your reason for landing here, we’re ready to help!

Over-Reactive Behaviors

Over-reactive behaviors put stress on you and your dog which in turn fuels underlying anxieties while often creating new ones. I can teach you and your dog easy to implement skills that can change how they feel and therefore react to former stressors.

Obedience vs Manners. Cues vs Commands?

What’s the difference and why does it matter?

“Command” and “Cue” are often used interchangeably within dog training.

However, words are powerful and carry emotional weight. And while they can share definitions, the emotions we attach to them are unique to each word.

The definition of command is “an authoritative order”. The definition of cue is “a thing said or done that serves as a signal”.

The same is true of obedience, which is defined as “compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another’s authority.”

So in essence a command and obedience is something directed to our dogs and implies that there will be a less desirable consequence if they do not follow “orders”. Whilst a cue is a signal or request to do something – which gives our dogs a choice to earn a reinforcer if they perform the requested cue.

Why does it matter if our dogs have a choice? Well most importantly it builds trust. A dog that trusts you will actually do a lot more for you, consenting and without stress. Learn why choice matters.

As a progressive reinforcement trainer, I believe in the power of trust and connection. Giving my students (dog and human) the freedom to offer behaviors without fear of reprimand. This builds confidence and motivation which strengthens learning and retention of newly developed behaviors.