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We Are Here To Build Positive Human-Dog Relationships

Our mission is to help dog parents embrace dogness while learning how to communicate with their furry (sometimes stinky, sometimes slobbery) best friend!!

Using the latest science-based positive training techniques, I can teach you how to communicate with your dog so you can become their teacher, instilling valuable life skills in fun and easy-to-implement sessions that will benefit you both.

What You Get

We offer private coaching sessions with Rachael, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer CPDT-KA.

Using science-based/ positive reinforcement/ force-free/ fear-free training for you & your dog.

Personalized training plans created with you, to ensure we meet your needs & reach your goals.

Resources to support your journey in formats that suit your personal learning style.

Ongoing support between sessions.

Private coaching sessions held remotely via Zoom, in-home (within our service area), at our training facility, ‘Studio Dog,’ or in & around Wailuku. Locations vary depending on the behavior issues and skills we are working on.

What We Specialize In

Fearful, Anxious & Reactive Behaviors

• Skittish or flighty.

• Freezing on walks, gets stuck in one spot.

• Shys away from people, other animal, objects.

• Obsessively licking.

• Loss of appetite.

• Anxious at certain times or all the time.

• Withdrawal from family.

• Whining/vocalizing.

• Nose licking.

• Yawning when not tired.

• Cowering or hiding.

• Destructive behavior.

• Barks at certain things inside and or outside of home.

• Growling.

• Barking/lunging on leash at people or animals.

Nuisance Behaviors

• Not Listening.

• Jumping on and or mouthing people.

• Barking out the window or at the door.

• Pulling on leash.

• Chewing household items.

• Unable to settle.

• Having accidents in the home.

• Counter surfing.

• Digging.

What To Expect

1. Choose your Initial Consultation Package.

2. Choose the date & time for your initial consultation and complete the History Worksheet.

3. We’ll then review your worksheet and send you a confirmation email confirming your booking if we’re a good fit for your needs (if we’re not, we will refer you to a certified professional who is). You’ll review and sign the waiver, pay for your package, and you’re all set! Check your spam folder if you do not see a response within 48 hours of submitting your request.

4. Attend your initial consultation, ready to learn.

5. Start working through your training worksheet activities & schedule follow-up sessions.

6. Work with us until your dog graduates.

7. Restore harmony in your home by deepening your connection and understanding with your dog.

Basic Initial Consultation Package


*1 Session

Choose this package if you’re testing the waters and are unsure you're ready for the full training process.

*90-minute initial consultation

*Actionable, personalized training plan

*Additional resources

*Follow-ups available for purchase separately

Note: Most people need 3-6+ sessions to meet their goals.

Non-package sessions are $125 per hour.

Standard Initial Consultation Package


*4 Sessions in 2 Months

Choose this package if your dog has 1 or 2 primary issues to work through.

*90-minute initial consultation

*Actionable, personalized training plans

*Additional resources

*3 follow-up sessions

*Supplemental check-in support via email, text, and zoom

Note: For best results aim to complete all sessions within 60 days of your initial consultation.

You may need additional sessions beyond your package.

$125/hour for follow-up sessions beyond your package

Advanced Initial Consultation Package


*6 sessions in 3 months

Choose this package if your dog has multiple different behavior issues

*90-minute initial consultation

*Actionable, personalized training plans

*Additional resources

*5 follow-up sessions

*Supplemental check-in support via email, text, and zoom

Note: For best results aim to complete all sessions within 90 days of your initial consultation.

You may need additional sessions beyond your package

$125/hour for follow-up sessions beyond your package

Lahaina Behavior Support

The largest disaster we have seen has devastated our Island and people, and the ongoing needs are still emerging. To help, Dog's Choice is currently offering free Initial Virtual Consultations to Lahaina residents affected by the recent fires and who have dogs and kind-hearted community members who have taken in displaced dogs. 

During this 45-minute Zoom consultation, I can assist you in resolving any issues your dog may be experiencing due to the fires. Following the consultation, I will send you a recording of the session along with any relevant resources that can help you and your dog(s). If it appears your dog is suffering from Separation Anxiety, I can connect you with a CSAT (Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer) who can offer a free consultation tailored explicitly to those specific needs. 

We care deeply about our community and are committed to ongoing support for Maui's people and pets. Dog's Choice proudly supports the Maui Humane Society in its efforts to meet the needs of dogs in their care. We work with guardians who need extra support to avoid relinquishing their dogs, as well as supporting fosters who are kind enough to open their homes to dogs in need. 

If you want to support MHS's life-saving efforts, please visit their website https://www.mauihumanesociety.org/ to learn more about getting involved.

Obedience vs Manners. Cues vs Commands?

What’s the difference and why does it matter?

“Command” and “Cue” are often used interchangeably within dog training.

However, words are powerful and carry emotional weight. And while they can share definitions, the emotions we attach to them are unique to each word.

The definition of command is “an authoritative order”. The definition of cue is “a thing said or done that serves as a signal”.

The same is true of obedience, which is defined as “compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another’s authority.”

So in essence a command and obedience is something directed to our dogs and implies that there will be a less desirable consequence if they do not follow “orders”. Whilst a cue is a signal or request to do something – which gives our dogs a choice to earn a reinforcer if they perform the requested cue.

Why does it matter if our dogs have a choice? Well most importantly it builds trust. A dog that trusts you will actually do a lot more for you, consenting and without stress. Learn why choice matters.

As a progressive reinforcement trainer, I believe in the power of trust and connection. Giving my students (dog and human) the freedom to offer behaviors without fear of reprimand. This builds confidence and motivation which strengthens learning and retention of newly developed behaviors.


What's involved in behavior modification?

Behavior Modification is about more than just training your dog. It requires dedication in the form of time and work from all household members, The humans are as much a part of the process as the dogs are.

More specifically, your pet behavior training will include history taking, considerable discussion with your consultant to create a plan that is sustainable for you, management, education, and skill-building for you and your dog.

We will use scaffolding—splitting more challenging techniques into smaller steps and building upon already-learned skills—in order to help everyone learn successfully. That means we will not make you jump into the deep end until you’re ready

How much time does dog training take?

It varies, and there are factors involved in the timeline outside of our control. Nuisance behaviors can sometimes be quick: a few weeks. For more serious behavior problems, expect your behavior modification journey to take at least several months.

How many sessions do I need?

That depends on a lot of factors: the complexity of your dog’s case, your training skillset, how much time you’re able to devote to training throughout the week, how much back and forth is needed between parallel professions like your vet and more. We typically can’t provide an answer until we’ve started working with you and gotten to know you and your dog.

Do you offer Board and train?

No, not at this time, but if you’re looking for board and train services and daycare, we highly recommend Ohana Pet Training at www.ohanapet.com and Happy Dogs Maui at www.happydogsmaui.com.

Can virtual dog training sessions actually work?

Yes! We have the same success rate with our remote sessions as our in-person sessions. It doesn’t matter if we can get your dog to do something. It only matters if you can.

Do you need to see my dog's unwanted behaviors?

Usually, no, because we’ve seen it before, and we know what it looks like, and most importantly, we believe you that there is an issue. If there’s anything that we’re unsure about, we will ask you to safely video the behavior.

Connect With Us


Text: 808-736-1299

Connect With Us


Text: 808-736-1299